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Russell Wilson a No. 2 QB? How About a No. 1, Somewhere Else?

April 22, 2011


Russell Wilson as QB for the N.C. State Wolfpack***4/29/11 UPDATE: N.C. State has released Russell Wilson to pursue the possibility of playing QB elsewhere this year. Read more here…***

With each passing day, and every passing pitch, the question of whether Russell Wilson will play another down of college football looms larger.

Yesterday, ESPN’s Heather Dinch questioned how serious N.C. State coach Tom O’Brien was on his stance that Wilson would be the Wolfpack’s backup should he decide to return for his Senior season.

With Russell being a two-time All ACC performer, and still the only QB in ACC history to be named First-Team All ACC as a Freshman, I suppose Coach O’Brien’s position may seem somewhat harsh — if not altogether confusing — on the surface, but what reasonable alternative did O’Brien have when faced with the prospect of his returning field general missing all of Spring and Fall practice due to baseball commitments decisions?

Having a talent the caliber of Mike Glennon — one arguably more suited to N.C. State’s plans on offense this season — waiting in the wings certainly made O’Brien’s decision more tenable, but Wilson’s decision to play a full season of minor league baseball this year is clearly the driving force behind The Russell Wilson Question — and possibly in more expansive ways than previously thought.


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Video: Kid wants to be a Yankees fan, but faces being disowned by his Red Sox family

April 11, 2011


Let this be yet another not so subtle reminder that the passion of sports/rivalries often run(s) thicker than blood.

Remember the little Crimson Tide kid that didn’t want to be put in the Auburn store? Where we posited that sports may actually have an effect on genetics/evolution?

Here — while the core principle remains the same — we’re presented with a slightly different scenario: A child facing possible banishment by his Boston Red Sox-loving family due to an innocent, youthful love of the New York Yankees.

As you can see, this little Yankee’s elder brother was somewhat more merciful, but Dad — Dad’s lived too many pre-2004 years to show any quarter on this occasion. Even to the fruit of his loins.

Indeed, the evidence that sports fandom may eventually occupy a comfortable, identifiable spot on the double helix is mounting. Almost undeniable at this point. Isn’t it?

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The Best Wiffle Ball Stuff You’ve Ever Seen

January 13, 2011


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t aware one could throw a Wiffle ball straight with that kind of velocity — let alone with such, apparently controllable, nasty stuff.

Some of these kids have cannons. And not just in the realm of Wiffle ball. Frumpzilla’s pitching expert, The Gingerhead Man, estimates a few are probably sporting 90+ arms — with baseballs — and he used to throw about 87, so you know he’s a trusted source.

Dice-K, Gaylord Perry, Ed Harris — eat your heart out (more video after the jump).


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Hitler is told that the Yankees have failed to sign to Cliff Lee

December 17, 2010


Cliff Lee shuns the Yankees in favor of the Phillies -- Hitler is pissed

We’ve posted a couple of these Hitler videos before. Pretty sure one was on the UNC football scandal, the other was related to the Vikings bizarre resigning of Randy Moss.

I’ve probably watched another ten or so on top of that, and each time kind of felt that the comedic well was about to run dry on this meme. Needless to say, I continue to be surprised, but then I’m also a sucker for a good Rosie O’Donnell joke or two.

Also, unlike some of the other “Hitler Reaction” videos, this one actually casts the Fuhrer in a relatively believable role — head of the Yankees organization. So it’s got that going for it, too. Which is nice.

Now that George Steinbrenner has left us (RIP), you’ll likely never see someone this upset about saving $120 million over the next five years again either, so enjoy it while you can.

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Everyone Loves the Crazy Ump: Here’s some tips on how to become one yourself!

May 12, 2010


So, The GingerHead Man contacted me today from Kuala Lumpur (he’s still on vacay).  Apparently, during his semi-daily perusal of Deadspin, he’d come across this fantastic video of “Norm the Umpire” breaking dozens of kids’ spirits — as any truly accomplished, melodramatic umpire should — on a weekly basis.

Well, this naturally gave rise to yet another discussion about my and The GingerHead Man’s lifelong ambition of one day becoming volunteer Little League umpires, and doing the exact same thing.  Only better.  That’s right, better.

Don’t get us wrong, Norm is pretty dang good, but he ain’t the best.  We open our case with what I like to call “The Macarena Master.”  Make the jump for several more…


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Mets’ Ike Davis has teammate’s full support.

May 12, 2010


I was watching sportscenter’s top 10 this morning and I did a slight double take. As you’ll notice above, The Mets’ Ike Davis made a catch while falling into his team’s dugout. You’ll also notice his teammate giving him caressing support on his way down. I guess the cup offers more than adequate grip for a catch of that magnitude, but I can’t help but think he held on a bit long(not to mention the slight squeeze or adjustment at the end).

Being as MLB is much like NBC with the Olympics, only all the time, you’ll find a crappy embedded video after the frump, as well as a link to the official HQ version.


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Apex High alum Landon Powell catches 19th perfect game in MLB history

May 10, 2010


Article on the game and Landon’s bond with pitcher Dallas Braden

Pitchers get too much credit for the no-hitters and perfect games…everyone knows that the REAL credit should go to the catcher.  Throwing a ball?  Please.  Anyone can do that.  Hell, they usually drag some celebrity stiff on the field before the game and let them do it a few times.  You notice they never have someone “catch” the first pitch that is not a professional.

Kidding aside, just a quick Frump shout out to my former Cougar teammate.  Pretty awesome.  Here is a quick link to Landon’s Wikipedia page and MLB stat page.

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Don’t Tase’ Me Bro!!!

May 4, 2010

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Last night, a 17 year old fan was tasered by the police after running onto the field at a Philadelphia Phillies game. This is not a new thing. Not the running onto the field and unfortunately not the tasering. I personally feel this tasering technique is getting a bit out of control. I absolutely see it’s worth in certain situations where the police or other people are in danger. But, on a 17 year old in an open field being chased by at least 5 people?!? C’mon.

If those 5 grown people couldn’t catch this kid, he should’ve been allowed to run around on the field all game long. It would add an interesting aspect to the game of baseball. Amateur video of this tasering is below the frump along with some other quite famous(unnecessary) uses of the taser gun, one of which is very NSFW fyi.


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Frump Day Links: 4/28/2010

April 28, 2010

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Frump day links 4/28/2010

Frumpzilla spreading the Hump Day love, one link at a time…

The Lions’ Zach Follet doing a little preseason shopping…for his opponents. (Busted Coverage)

Just when you thought Shannon Elizabeth had become as irrelevant as Tim Toone. (Holy Taco)

A growing issue in the world of sports: Premature celebration. It’s more common than you think. No, really. It is. (No Guts, No Glory)

Brewers’ catcher Greg Zaun doing his best Carl Lewis impression. (Sharapova’s Thigh)

Former Redskin, Mississippi State Bulldog, Fred Smoot is bringing the GingerHead Man’s favorite fine dining establishment, Waffle House, to Washington D.C. (Sparty And Friends)

Would you swap Lady Gaga tickets for a chance to see your favorite NBA team in the playoffs? (Sports By Brooks)

Pre-Preseason Hoops Power Rankings. (Statefansnation)

Leave it to MLS to supply you with the worst blown chance in soccer history? Sure (we’re actually big MLS fans, but ya got to play to the masses, right?). (Tasty Booze)

Two for one special! Dez Bryant’s mom isn’t a hooker (anymore), and JaMarcus Russell’s girth is about to cost him a seat on the Raiders’ team bus. And roster. (The Big Lead)

Even more on why everyone’s favorite AD, Lee Fowler, should get the axe. (Yet Another N.C. State Sports Blog)

Why go to the gym to check out chicks when you can do it from the comfort of your own home? (Total Pro Sports)

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Hugo Chavez to join Twitter, Ozzie Guillen may or may not be concerned

April 27, 2010


Hugo Chavez on TwitterOur most loyal readers already know that, while Frumpzilla brings you daily doses of Sports, Entertainment and Social Commentary from Unprofessional, Highly Irresponsible Sources, our ultimate goal is “thermonuclear, global media domination.”

We may not know what that entails quite yet, or even what it means, but it sounds frumpin’ cool as hell. So, fingers crossed, I guess.

However, it now appears we may have a bit more competition.

Hugo Chavez — Venezuelan President, former Bolivian revolutionary, all-around fun guy — has announced he’s joining Twitter, which probably catapults him immediately to the number two spot amongst prominent, Venezuelan-related Twitter accounts. behind Ozzie Guillen, of course.

Unfortunately for us, and Ozzie Guillen, it also appears Chavez is tweeting for keeps…


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Boob pops out at Braves game, men all over look just like these guys

April 21, 2010


Just goes to show…you always have to be on your toes.  You never know when a boob is going to show up…

Video and pics after the frump


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Scott Stapp Still a Musical Genius.

April 15, 2010

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File this next one under “Way too good to be real, yet it is in fact, real”.  The Florida Marlins have forged a partnership with the former(or are they still together?) lead singer of the almighty “rock” group Creed, Scott Stapp.  This partnership includes work for charity, however we’ll ignore that for the purposes of this article as it focuses mainly on hating this guy because he’s awful.

What we WILL focus on is the new intro song Stapp recorded for the Marlins.  This is the best Stapp related happening since his 2005 visit to a Gainesville, FL Denny’s. How could you not be propelled to a World Series victory after being inspired by this song?

Below the Frump, the Dylan-esque lyrics(as I hear them) as well as last years Marlin’s intro offering from Pitbull, which reaffirms South Florida’s love for all things awful.

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Mindy McCready’s sex tape to ensure the hits just keep on coming for Roger Clemens

March 29, 2010

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Roger Clemens and Mindy McCreadyHey, remember Mindy McCready? Former country star, former, potentially underage, mistress of one Roger “The Rocket” Clemens? If not, perhaps this will refresh your memory. Either way, thanks to Vivid Entertainment, the wonderful folks that brought you both the Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton sex tapes, you’ll now have a chance to get to know her better than you probably ever wanted to…


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