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Charles Barkley’s Golf Swing: (Still) Inspiration To Us All

May 5, 2011


Now, we know that the sheer absurdity of The Round Mound of Rebound’s golf swing isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, but it’s still a phenomenon nonetheless — which is why we feel it’s wise to occasionally remind aspiring golfers out there that things could always be worse.

Here’s Barkley on the first tee at a recent celebrity outing. Notwithstanding the incomprehensibility of the motion involved here, Sir Charles also manages to lose his club head, apparently nearly out-driving his own ball in the process. Amazing.

Luckily, Bo Jackson — AKA: “the 2nd greatest athlete in Auburn history” — was apparently on hand to lend Barkley a replacement driver, and we can only imagine the theatrics that went down throughout the remaining 17 holes.

Good stuff, Chuck. Who says one can never really own their swing?

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Guy Dupuy sees Blake Griffin’s car, raises him a between-the-legs dunk

March 10, 2011


And 1 Streetballer Guy Dupuy pulls off a nice between the legs dunk over a car

In case you haven’t noticed, ever since the ban was lifted back in 1976, dunk shots have been all the rage.  Seriously, it’s not just me. They’re kind of a big deal.

Only weeks ago, that Blake Griffin guy dunked over a 2011 Toyota Corolla Kia Optima to win the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest.  A few days ago, Jacob Tucker of D-III Illinois College compiled an impressive dunk shot curriculum vitae in hopes of getting invited to this year’s NCAA Dunk Contest.

Now, And1 Live Streetballer Guy Dupuy has entered the fray — possibly upstaging Mr. Griffin in the process. Check out Dupuy’s beasty, between-the-legs dunk shot over a BMW convertible (after the jump)…


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Kenny George’s No-Jump Dunk Shot Compilation

January 26, 2011


Kenny George vs Tyler HansbroughHey, remember UNC-Asheville’s 7’8″, 365 pound mammoth of a center? Yeah, Kenny George was his name.

Unfortunately, notwithstanding the sheer size the guy, I guess he’s most readily remembered for that time Tyler Hansbrough yammed all over his face.

Adding injury to insult, a nasty MRSA infection led to the partial amputation of Kenny’s right foot not too long after that, and, in turn, the gentle giant’s playing days were cut drastically short as well.

But Frump’s not here to dwell on the lamentable aspects of Kenny George’s past. No, we rather lovingly look back at the highlights — specifically the ones that solidified George as possibly the greatest no-jump dunk shooter of all time.

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I always knew former Tar Heel Rashad McCants had decent range, but this — well, this is something…

January 18, 2011

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Rashad McCants as the bisexual leader of a shoplifting ring

Perhaps this role isn't such a departure for McCants...

After five NBA seasons in which he averaged 10 points, 2 rebounds, and 1.3 assists per game, it now appears former UNC star — and integral part of the Heels’ 2004/2005 NCAA Championship team — Rashad McCants may be returning to “prison.” Only on the big (and/or small to medium-sized) screen this time.

Yes, according to the Big Lead, McCants is hoping his professional acting career plays out a bit better than his basketball — by playing the “bi-sexual leader of a shoplifting ring” in an upcoming series entitled The Booster Club.

Now, how in the hell The Big Lead figured that out from the above trailer, I’m not sure. I’ve watched it three times now and still haven’t deciphered the slightest semblance of plot, but I guess I’ll just take their word for it.

Real mutha f@ck*n mythological, indeed, Rashad. Break a leg…

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Andy Avgi, of Oregon’s Woodburn High School, Delivers the Most Underwhelming Backboard Shattering Dunk in Recorded History

December 15, 2010

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Listen, Frump doesn’t shy away from the dunk shot — especially the ones that result in the destruction of school property. We love such things around here. In fact, we’ve even compiled several classic examples for you after the jump, but that’s neither here nor there.

This one just left me with that “ehhh” feeling, you know? And before anyone tries to employ the “I’d like to see you try it” line of logic, for the record, I have been known to dunk in the past (tennis balls). Not to mention bust up some rims and backboards in my prime (adjustable, fiberglass ones; typically set to about 9 feet or so).



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Love him or hate him, Lebron James is still really good at behind the backboard shots (amongst other things)

December 14, 2010


Frump typically tries to refrain from posting Lebron James-related news.

Maybe it’s because the market is so saturated already, or perhaps because I didn’t particularly care for the way King James handled things over the summer. Or maybe it’s just that my interest in NBA basketball continues to steadily decline since, oh, about 1998 or so.

Either way, it’s still nice to marvel at feats like this from the Miami Heat’s 96-84 victory over the Hornets last night. As you can see, that was to beat the shot clock, too. Fantastic stuff.

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Kansas alumnus buys Dr. James Naismith’s original basketball rules for $4.5 million

December 11, 2010


Photo of the original rules of basketball sold at a Sotheby's New York auction for $4.5 million

Sotheby's photo-handout to prospective buyers

To put that in NBA Jayhawks perspective, that’s only about $8.5 million less than Boston’s Paul Pierce is scheduled to make this year; $4.5 million less than the Wizards’ Kirk Hinrich; and approximately the same as Darrell Arthur and Brandon Rush’s salaries combined.

Alright, fine. That doesn’t really provide any meaningful perspective at all, does it?

How about this: A few days prior to businessman David Booth’s purchase of Naismith’s foundational conception of the sport, a first edition collection of Shakespeare’s plays — published in 1623 — sold for $2.37 million at a Sotheby’s auction in London. Take that, English literature!

The lofty price tag — let alone the poopooing of Bill Shakespeare — obviously did nothing to deter Mr. Booth’s desire to keep the origins of basketball within the Jayhawk family. Naismith became the first basketball coach at the University of Kansas in 1898 and remained at the school in various capacities until 1937 — only two years prior to his death.

The Naismith family had been in possession of the documents until the December 10th auction held at Sotheby’s New York, however the Naismith International Basketball Foundation will receive the bulk of the sales price.

If you’re interested in reading some of rules as written on the original documents, a enlargeable,  full scale version of the above image is available here.

Sources: Fox Sports, and the Ottawa Citizen

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Shocker of the night: Cleveland fans boo Lebron James’ introduction — Zydrunas Ilgauskus reaps the benefits

December 2, 2010


Man, props to anyone that saw this one coming. Who’d of thought Cavs fans would still be this bitter about King James’ gracious exit/escape to South Beach over the summer?

You know, believe it or else, there is a silver lining to this unfortunate situation: However ugly the jeers directed at James were, it all still led up to what was almost certainly the most uproarious road game introduction of former Cavalier Zydrunas Ilgauskus’ career.

Incidentally, it’s probably just a matter of time before “former” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra receives a similar road game ovation in Miami…

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Possibly the Greatest Arcade Basketball Rapid Fire Dominance You’ll Ever See

November 15, 2010


Basketball Rapid Fire – Watch more Funny Videos

Only in Japan, right? Well, this is actually from Taiwan, I’m told — where these games are apparently the closest thing they have to a national sport.

I’m also told that — as amazing as this chick’s pwnership appears — it’s actually quite common over there, and the fact she’s tagging in the guy doing stretch aerobics somewhat cheapens the feat (calling in reserves to reach higher levels, allegedly).

Nevertheless, I’ve played Hot Shot Basketball, or one of its sufficiently similar cousins, countless times over the years. Sure, it may have primarily been between the ages of 7 and 12, when the arcade at the local mall served as a quasi-babysitter for mom to get her power-shopping fix in, but I avoided being kidnapped long enough to see some “good” players.

“Good” by American standards, that is…

Thanks to DBJ for the link and further info [via Break]

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LA Lakers Lead the League in Obnoxious Gold Chain Sales – Exclusive Interview with Lakers Guy

April 28, 2010


With a lot of help from Lakers Guy, the LA Lakers once again have led the NBA in merchandise sales.

According to ESPN,the bandwagon has been crowded and growing for some time.   ‘Showtime’ has held the merchandise crown 7 out of the last 8 years.  For a state racked in debt and unemployment, its pretty remarkable the masses that reside there can afford $25 foam fingers, $80 jerseys and $30 hats in such quantities.  Frump was able to contact “Lakers Guy” (pictured above) for this exclusive interview.

Frump for the captivating interview with “Lakers Guy”


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Frump Day Links: 4/28/2010

April 28, 2010

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Frump day links 4/28/2010

Frumpzilla spreading the Hump Day love, one link at a time…

The Lions’ Zach Follet doing a little preseason shopping…for his opponents. (Busted Coverage)

Just when you thought Shannon Elizabeth had become as irrelevant as Tim Toone. (Holy Taco)

A growing issue in the world of sports: Premature celebration. It’s more common than you think. No, really. It is. (No Guts, No Glory)

Brewers’ catcher Greg Zaun doing his best Carl Lewis impression. (Sharapova’s Thigh)

Former Redskin, Mississippi State Bulldog, Fred Smoot is bringing the GingerHead Man’s favorite fine dining establishment, Waffle House, to Washington D.C. (Sparty And Friends)

Would you swap Lady Gaga tickets for a chance to see your favorite NBA team in the playoffs? (Sports By Brooks)

Pre-Preseason Hoops Power Rankings. (Statefansnation)

Leave it to MLS to supply you with the worst blown chance in soccer history? Sure (we’re actually big MLS fans, but ya got to play to the masses, right?). (Tasty Booze)

Two for one special! Dez Bryant’s mom isn’t a hooker (anymore), and JaMarcus Russell’s girth is about to cost him a seat on the Raiders’ team bus. And roster. (The Big Lead)

Even more on why everyone’s favorite AD, Lee Fowler, should get the axe. (Yet Another N.C. State Sports Blog)

Why go to the gym to check out chicks when you can do it from the comfort of your own home? (Total Pro Sports)

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These guys are why everyone hates the Lakers

April 18, 2010


Exhibit A: He wears sunglasses indoors (and likely at night), keeps the top 4 buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, is rocking the black leather jacket in 70+ degree weather, combs his hair straight back (with product), flashes the “#1″ sign and wears a huge, obnoxious LA Lakers gold rope necklace of which he prominently displays like Soulja Boi.  He “knows people,” drives a leased luxury car, dates 19-year-old aspiring actresses (because he “knows” people), talks loudly on his cell phone in elevators and has a tiny penis.  He does not attend games when the Lakers are bad.

Exhibit B: The ultimate fair-weather fan.  Is rocking a Yankee hat, headphones for his own music (as he cannot be bothered by the noises of the game) and is texting his mom.  He does not pay attention and doesnt really care about the outcome except when it comes to talking junk amongst his friends, saying “his” Lakers won.

Exhibit C : Two wannabe hard crackers flashing gang signs to the camera, then moving on to use the GO LAKERS thunderstick as a perverted prop on national TV.

Stay classey LA!

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5 bizarre Facebook groups you, as a fan of trivial NBA history, should join just for the hell of it…

April 16, 2010


NBA LogoThe NBA Playoffs are finally upon us, and the glory that so many of today’s stars lust after so earnestly is only a few weeks away. But what about the stars, however dim, of yesterday?

Being that fame, glory, even remote notoriety, is all too often fleeting, is it not prudent and wise, if for nothing more than nostalgia’s sake, to occasionally embrace what can now be characterized as trivial? Having come across what follows, I have to think at least a handful of people agree with such sentiment…


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