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Frumpzilla PSA: The Internets can be Cruel

March 26, 2010


holy shit you look like someone beat your face with a sack of hot dimes

A: My boyfriend is addicted to Reddit. Remind him what I look like while I'm actually probably layting next to him. Internets: Holy shit...your look like someone beat your face with a sack of hot dimes

It’s true, Frumpsters. Sad as it is, there’s a seedy, sticky web of anonymous derision and ridicule out there that, by design, is just waiting to snag unsuspecting victims. Worst part is, even those innocents that presumably only tap into the innertubes out of practical or professional necessity aren’t safe.

Take this chick whose boyfriend is allegedly addicted to Reddit and apparently doesn’t pay her enough attention anymore (I’ve seen it a hundred times). Sad, and definitely something I can understand her wanting to talk to someone about (maybe her boyfriend?). Unfortunately, she made the critical error of actually confiding in Reddit itself, in the pics forum no less, not to mention implying that, based on her profile pic alone, the community would/should naturally agree that a night with her would be far more desirable than a night with Reddit. Tragic. I bet she didn’t even see the “sack of hot dimes” comment coming…

Dbj with the tip

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