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Andy Avgi, of Oregon’s Woodburn High School, Delivers the Most Underwhelming Backboard Shattering Dunk in Recorded History

December 15, 2010

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Listen, Frump doesn’t shy away from the dunk shot — especially the ones that result in the destruction of school property. We love such things around here. In fact, we’ve even compiled several classic examples for you after the jump, but that’s neither here nor there.

This one just left me with that “ehhh” feeling, you know? And before anyone tries to employ the “I’d like to see you try it” line of logic, for the record, I have been known to dunk in the past (tennis balls). Not to mention bust up some rims and backboards in my prime (adjustable, fiberglass ones; typically set to about 9 feet or so).



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Ahda Roomsman Wants to Help You Throw Down Some of the Nastiest Dunks You, Your Best Friends, and the Courts Have Ever Seen

September 8, 2010


Ahda Roomsman's ShoesThe Gingerhead Man linked me to a nice little video of The 50 Best Dunks in College Basketball History today. Pretty dang good, I must say, and we thank Jeff Eisenberg (via Slam Online) for that.

Naturally, this led to a discussion about who the greatest dunker we’d ever seen play in person was. It was quickly decided that, without question, the answer was former Georgia Tech star — and possible current “Will Dunk for Food” sign holder — Ismail Muhammad. That man could flat out yam, and we thank him for that.

Now, having a tendency to dwell on the past, when I saw the little ad in Muhammad’s YouTube highlights telling me to “Throw down SICK DUNKS Easily — Get a MASSIVE vertical now!”, well, I couldn’t help but smile. I mean, there was a time in my life where the prospect of increasing my vertical leap by up to 50% could be likened to how I feel about doing the same for my annual income today. Seriously, let’s talk more about this after the jump…


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