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No Words. (NSFW)

May 17, 2011

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I really didn’t want to post this video. By that, I mean, I really had to post this video. What you have here is something being awoken during the day that really should’ve stayed asleep. The mind really races when trying to figure out what events could possibly have led to this.

What if you were driving by in that (what looked like a)le baron?!? Why is this guy’s video only :42 seconds long?!? He owes it to humanity to stay on this longer. Man. NSFW vid after the frump.

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Who needs haraam when pet lions are freely available?

December 13, 2010


Hey, remember the time Matt finished that entire fifth of Jager at  Trav’s house, and, you know, passed out way too soon?  Man alive, he’ll never live those photos down.

And that time we all got so blazed off that really good sh*t Justin brought back from Canada?  Yeah, man — I swear Dark Side has never sounded that good.

Oh, or that time Ismail showed up at Omar’s party with his pet lion, and Ali got super freaked out? Ha! Those were the days…

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