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Octopus steals video camera, diver reclaims it after offering the creature ride on his spear gun

April 16, 2010


Our motto here at Frumpzilla may be Sports, Entertainment and Social Commentary from Unprofessional, Highly Irresponsible Sources, but that doesn’t mean we can’t occasionally bring you the goods from the weird and wild world of the Animal Kingdom.

Now, other than the fact that they’re absolutely delicious, I can’t say I know all that much about Octopuses. Judging from this video, however, I’d say they’re probably quite curious and playful.  See, just as I was screaming for the diver to do a barrel roll a get the frump outta there, it turns out the octopus apparently just wanted to play with his video camera, which continued to record as the cephalopod (yes, I looked that word up) made its getaway.

Oh, and how does one go about getting their camera back from octopus?  By offering it a ride on your spear gun, of course…

Thanks to Dbj for the link.

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