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Windows Phone 7 Fangirls Rap: A Subtle, Unintentional Reminder of Just How Far Behind Microsoft is in the Mobile Device Market

October 21, 2011


Windows Phone Rap! from Carly Presho Dunne on Vimeo.

Listen, before anyone gets their feelings hurt, I have no doubt that Microsoft’s new Mango-powered Windows Phone 7 is a great device. That’s right, great. Just like the the Zune was/is.

Wait —  I don’t actually know if the Zune is all that great. I’ve actually never gotten around to checking it out, nor have I been bombarded by media related to its features and user-friendliness and the like. And, ultimately, I guess that’s a big part of Microsoft’s problem.


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Jogger Killed by Plane, #16 Seeds Receive Hope

March 17, 2010


Robert Gary Jones of Woodstock, Ga. was listening to his iPod and jogging in Hilton Head, SC when a small plane, attempting an emergency landing, landed on top of him killing him instantly.  We at Frumpzilla feel like there may be a case against Apple or heck even Sony regarding this situation.  If Sony and their blasted Walkman hadn’t revolutionized the way we run to music, Robert Gary Jones may still be with us.

My favorite part(read: saddest favorite part) about this story is that the pilot was asked for a comment, which he declined but instead said, “I’ve got a lot of issues going on right now. I’ve got a plane that’s all torn up. And I’ve got a young man that I killed”.  This jerk just landed on top of some poor guy and he’s initially worried about replacing his rudder.(there are rudders on planes right?)

What does this have to do with 16 seeds in the NCAA tournament you may ask?  Well, you can’t tell me there are better odds of a plane landing on you while jogging on the beach than there are of a #16 seed knocking off a #1.  True, no #16 has ever beaten a #1 but […]

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