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Fowl Play?

February 18, 2010


As fate would have it, Frumpzilla has come across some rather interesting photos of Lee Fowler, NC State’s much maligned athletic director, in his off season activities…which, based on the success (or lack thereof) of his tenure,  may or may not be year round.

Oh, and dear, dear Frumpsters, we have several more for you after the jump…

Lee Fowler on jet ski

If the ship's going down, Lee Fowler is ready. If only State fans could get their hands around his neck...

Lee Fowler singing karaoke

Own it, Lee...f*cking own it with that power stance! Live it, live it!


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ACC Tournament’s Mascot Night may or may not have stooped to new low

February 16, 2010


ACC Women's Basketball Tournament Mascot Night has a conspicuous absense

This promotion poster looks rather innocent at first, doesn’t it?  Let alone the enticing value presented by the 4-4-4 deal, how could one not be drawn in by the inescapable psychological comfort something called “Mascot Night” induces?  Well, that’s how they get you.

As you’ll see (after the jump), there’s something quite ominous about this year’s ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament…


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