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Baby.  Unborn.  Already Brilliant!

November 21, 2008


So, in case you haven’t noticed, some of us are a wee bit pumped up for the rivalry game tomorrow between State and carolina.  I am no different.  The douches are favored and “should” win this game, but that doesn’t faze me.  I have a good feeling about the game.  You know who else has a good feeling about the game??  Unborn baby fetuses! (or is it feti?)  Below is a picture I found here.  It shows an unborn child already supporting the school it will undoubtedly follow through good and bad(mostly bad…sorry little guy/gal, it’s an uphill battle).  I take this as a good sign, GO WOLFPACK!!

babies are so cute at that age


More youtubage of The Pack after the jump!


(authors’s note:  Yes, I understand photoshop exists and that the date is 8/29/08…but I choose to believe it’s real and ignore the date and still view it as a sign!)

(2nd author’s note:  Yes, I meant to leave carolina uncapitalized.)


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