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Lee Fowler: Not even safe from Engadget

April 2, 2010


Jed ClampettGuess what, Frumpsters: N.C. State University’s refreshable Braille display could revolutionize reading for the blind. Isn’t that wonderful?!? I’m no tech guru, or I’d tell you all about it myself. Instead, I’ll just point you to Engadget’s story about this promising advancement prior to getting to the real point of this post.

See, as you may recall, Frump’s kinda had it out for NCSU Athletic Director Lee Fowler for some time now. Naturally we thought our sentiment was somewhat isolated to Raleigh and the general heart of the Wolfpack’s fan base, but, after reading the last couple lines of Engadget’s piece on keeping the blind from leading the blind, we now know things may or may not have gone national:

We’re told that the researchers have already presented their findings, and if all goes well, they’ll have a fully functioning prototype “within a year.” Here’s hoping a suitable replacement to Lee Fowler is also unearthed during the same window.

I guess this means Engadget will now be added to Lee Folwer’s ever growing list of “media enemies.”

Credit The Admiral with the link, Ringo with the lovely shoop…

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