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NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest: 2nd Round Standings Update

March 21, 2010


Furmp Madness 2nd Round Standings Update

Betsy Eagleson still leads as we hit the break prior to the Sweet 16.  Better still, we’ve been able to confirm that Ms. Eagleson “likes blue,” and is “pretty sure a wildcat could take a jayhawk in a fight.”  Yes, while Betsy’s entry has pretty much been at the top of our contest from the first tip, it wasn’t one of the 51% of brackets that picked Kansas as this year’s NCAA Champion.  She went with Kentucky (beating Kansas in the final).  She has arguably faltered by having Kansas in the Final Four, but then so did 87% of our entries.  More after the jump.  For now, here’s the top 10:

  1. Betsy Eagleson: 80
  2. CEH, Jr.: 78
  3. Brian Krams: 77
  4. Chris Drummond: 76
  5. Ed Hightower: 76
  6. Amelia Hayes: 76
  7. Jared Johnson: 76
  8. Alex Christison: 76
  9. Robert DuPrau: 76
  10. Sarah Otvos: 75
  11. Cameron Frye (tied): 75


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