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Frump Day Links: 4/28/2010

April 28, 2010

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Frump day links 4/28/2010

Frumpzilla spreading the Hump Day love, one link at a time…

The Lions’ Zach Follet doing a little preseason shopping…for his opponents. (Busted Coverage)

Just when you thought Shannon Elizabeth had become as irrelevant as Tim Toone. (Holy Taco)

A growing issue in the world of sports: Premature celebration. It’s more common than you think. No, really. It is. (No Guts, No Glory)

Brewers’ catcher Greg Zaun doing his best Carl Lewis impression. (Sharapova’s Thigh)

Former Redskin, Mississippi State Bulldog, Fred Smoot is bringing the GingerHead Man’s favorite fine dining establishment, Waffle House, to Washington D.C. (Sparty And Friends)

Would you swap Lady Gaga tickets for a chance to see your favorite NBA team in the playoffs? (Sports By Brooks)

Pre-Preseason Hoops Power Rankings. (Statefansnation)

Leave it to MLS to supply you with the worst blown chance in soccer history? Sure (we’re actually big MLS fans, but ya got to play to the masses, right?). (Tasty Booze)

Two for one special! Dez Bryant’s mom isn’t a hooker (anymore), and JaMarcus Russell’s girth is about to cost him a seat on the Raiders’ team bus. And roster. (The Big Lead)

Even more on why everyone’s favorite AD, Lee Fowler, should get the axe. (Yet Another N.C. State Sports Blog)

Why go to the gym to check out chicks when you can do it from the comfort of your own home? (Total Pro Sports)

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Who the hell cheats on Kim Kardashian? Reggie Bush. That’s who.

March 25, 2010


Kim Kardashian corset

Thanks to some sites called Perez Hilton and Radar (that’s right, I’m not above them), I just learned Reggie Bush may or may not have been running around on my beloved Kim Kardashian with some chick named “January.”

Believe it or not,  and all apologies in advance to anyone associated with the name “January,” she apparently is not a stripper.  She is, however, a waitress.  So…

Anyways, this is all quite disheartening considering the time and effort we put into our Kim and Reggie heavy Super Bowl prop betting piece awhile back.  That and, of course, how sad it is to see a woman like Kim be mistreated so.  Shame on you, Reggie.

Taking a step back, though, I have no desire to serve as judge, jury and executioner.  With that in mind, I figured I’d let you decide:  Everything else held equal (huge assumption, I know), who do you go with here?

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Marisa Miller, et al., are getting topless for you in GQ UK

February 25, 2010


Tastefully, of course. Came across these over at Velveteen Audio Lab, and, boy, what a fantastic frumping find.

Miller headlines the spread in the March edition of the magazine, but there’s a lot more than just Marisa’s assets on display. Models Michelle Alves, Michelle Buswell, Maja Latinovic,Tiiu Kuik and Liliana Dominguez would all like you to purchase this issue as well, and they do a damn good job of selling it (after the jump)…

Marisa Miller gets topless in March's GQ UK


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“Raising” Curling Awareness

February 21, 2010


Madeleine Dupon of the Danish curling team The most loyal of Frumpsters will have surely noticed by now that the Frumpzilla staff is quite taken by curling.  We’ve covered how it compares to tailgating activities; how it accounts for two of five reasons why you should be watching the Winter Olympics; and, most recently, the Danish curling team complaining about crowd noise.

I mean, curling is just so hot right now, and things keeping popping up all the time.  In fact, some pics of Denmark’s Madeleine Dupont (after the jump) may have just ensured that things won’t be settling down for quite some time…


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Friday Frump Classic

February 5, 2010


Friday Frump Classics

Since Frumpzilla only recently kicked things back up again, on Fridays we like to take a quick look back in time to present our readers with some of the more memorable content from the old site.  Normally Cochese handles these duties, but he’s a bit tied up today and asked if I could do the honors.

I figured since there’s been  some recent buzz about serious issues with Toyota’s new Prisuses, we might as well take advantage and get some content up related to Hybrid vehicles.  The fact that it’s recycled content makes it all the more relevant, right?

Frump it here for today’s Friday Frump Classic: Sports Cars Dethroned as Primary Means of Male Compensation

The beautiful woman in this picture actually doesn't dig sports cars.  There's actually a Hybrid located just to the right, off camera.  She's simply trying to get over there.

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52 Year-Old Woman Sues Victoria’s Secret Over Defective Thong

June 18, 2008

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This may or may not be an actual photo of the defective thong culprit

The above photo may or may not be an actual pic of the culprit, but, either way, pretty alarming, huh?  And on so many levels.

Fortunately, the most obvious potential injuries that come to mind — at least to my mind anyway — didn’t come into play here, but that doesn’t mean what actually happened isn’t just as bizarre.

Apparently 52 year-old Macrida Patterson, a traffic officer with Los Angeles’ Department of Transportation, was simply slipping on her “low-rise V-String” from Victoria’s Secret’s “Sexy Little Thing” line when a decorative metallic piece flew off the undies and struck her in the eye.  Ain’t that somethin’?

According to Ms. Patterson’s attorney, Jason Buccat, despite the fact that the “design problem” only led to his client missing a few days of work, the injury to her cornea will be “affecting her for the rest of her life”.  I imagine there may be some emotional trauma as well, which is understandable, and I hope Mr. Buccat milks it dry.

Buccat apparently made another bold move when he denied Victoria’s Secret representative’s requests to examine the offending drawls.  Can’t be sure why Buccat, a products liability specialist with apparent emphasis in undergarmets, would implement such a strategy, but, once again, my mind is wide open to several possibilities.

Unfortunately for us all, Ms. Patterson’s complaint doesn’t specify an amount for monetary damages, but at least we can hope that it will be small fortune.  I suspect there may be a run on VS “Sexy Little Thing” “V-Strings” now, so if you’re hoping to take advantage of what could become the next notorious class action lawsuit, and are willing to stomach yours or your loved ones’ vision problems, you better get out there and stock up prior to the recall.

Widepread panic over thong safety may very well ensue…

The complaint in its entirety can be found over at The Smoking Gun.

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Eva Mendes Enjoys Her Toes

May 10, 2008


Not too long ago, Hollywood starlet Eva Mendes let us all know how she felt about fur: She rather go naked.

I tend to agree. I much rather see Eva naked than wearing a full length mink, but hey, that’s just me.

So I guess once you let the world know of your particular distaste for something, it’s only right to come back later and reveal what you have a taste for — like your own feet. Mendes has kindly shared this fetish of hers in this month’s Vogue Italia. . .

Eva Mendes on the piano


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Just Blaze Girl of the Month

April 18, 2008



Who’s one of the hottest chicas on the NET that is a challenger for the J in the T trophy? 


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Malnutrition may be starting to affect Paris Hilton’s sensory faculties…

April 18, 2008


Either that or she’s just jealous, and jealousy is a bitch.  A bitch that has the body of an adolescent boy.

Paris Hilton could use some "cottage cheese" herselfKim Kardashian appalled by "cottage cheese" comment

Yep, apparently Paris and Kim have had a bit of a falling out.  Reports indicate that Paris recently called into a Las Vegas radio show to vent about her former friend and fellow celebutart (patent pending);  And Kim’s ass (patent approved). 

I don’t know about you, but I perk up at the prospect of hearing Paris Hilton discuss her feelings on Kim Kardashian’s rump.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t that kind of discourse.  Paris apparently called Kardashian “disgusting”, and described that (ass)et of hers as “cottage cheese stuffed in a trash bag.”  Naturally I became quite upset upon hearing this, which is why Frumpzilla has decided to champion Ms. Kardashian’s cause, and her junk, after the jump…


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