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“Yeah, I’m a dad.  What of it?”

February 17, 2009


way too young sir.

Do you remember what you did for fun when you were 12?  Neither do I.  However, I’m pretty sure it involved playing some bball with my buddies or trading baseball cards, definitely not making the babies.  The same cannot be said for Alfie Patten, a 13 year old british lad(who looks closer to 7 than 13) as he has recently knocked up his gorgeous 15 year old lady.  Proof of her classic beauty after the jump in the Sun link.

As a buddy of mine says, “I’m not in the judgement bidness”, however this is regahdamdiculous!!  I’m 28 and to be honest, it’s a struggle sometimes to take care of myself sometimes.  Normally when the unfortunate get pregnant too early, we talk about how it’s a shame they’ll never get to experience college without the responsibilities no 18 or 19 year old should bear.  In said case, this poor kid won’t get to experience the 7th friggin grade without those responsibilities. 

Sorry, this is my first post back in awhile and I’m just at a loss for words.  I’m confused as to whether I should try to be funny(notice I said try) or if I should just cry for humanity.  Links to articles and videos after the jump.  I’m done.


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