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9 Intriguing, Post 1st Round Questions

April 23, 2010


Sam Bradford: First overall pick to the St. Louis Rams

Well, the 2010 NFL Draft’s 1st Round is behind us, and, as usual, it was an exciting one. Of course, with this being one of the deepest drafts in recent memory, many questions — some fun, some serious, all good — remain.

Make the jump with us for some queries we hope you might have the answers to…


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Jerry Jones Loves Men’s Figure Skating

February 18, 2010


Can’t you tell?  Seriously, though.  After all the crazy ass shit that allegedly went on according to Boys Will Be Boys, the Super Bowls and, of course, the new stadium and jumbotron worth more than the GDP of several 3rd World countries, who’d of thunk Jerry Jones would be this enthralled by something as emasculating as the Men’s Figure Skating Final?

Jerry Jones at the Men's Figure Skating Final

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