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7th Grade QB, Gunnar Legas, Knows How to Make a Good Trick-Shot Video

April 23, 2011


And with a name like “Gunnar Legas,” you know this kid’s going far. Gunnar’s shirtless, bandanna wearing dad looks like he might have a few good years left in him, too. May just have to keep it to the 5-yard outs, quick slants and such, but I could see him getting looks in some 5-wide sets.

But yeah, let the countdown to Gunnar’s BYU offer begin. We’ll probably be hearing something in about five years or so, I’d say.  Until then, eat your heart out, Johnny McEntee

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5 bizarre Facebook groups you, as a fan of trivial NBA history, should join just for the hell of it…

April 16, 2010


NBA LogoThe NBA Playoffs are finally upon us, and the glory that so many of today’s stars lust after so earnestly is only a few weeks away. But what about the stars, however dim, of yesterday?

Being that fame, glory, even remote notoriety, is all too often fleeting, is it not prudent and wise, if for nothing more than nostalgia’s sake, to occasionally embrace what can now be characterized as trivial? Having come across what follows, I have to think at least a handful of people agree with such sentiment…


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