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Canada: Where scaring the golf course geese gets you a swift kick in the face from the police

January 10, 2011


Yes, it’s true: 51-year-old Buddy Tavares, the guy you see getting drop-kicked in the face around the 20 second mark, has apparently been charged with “Careless Use of a Firearm” — on a golf course.

Shooting at geese on a golf course is not advised -- in CanadaYeah, see, Tavares had a valid permit for the gun, just not on the links — where they don’t issue permits for the use of firearms or other noisemakers that could scare the local geese, which Tavares was apparently trying to do.

Now, while I’d agree that the gratuitous frightening of Canada Geese is an activity that should be frowned upon, was it really necessary to kick this poor fellow — with no criminal record, and already on all fours — in the face? IN THE FACE? Really?

Well, the Kelowna Mountie has been suspended with pay, I’m told, but he’s yet to be charged with anything; and despite the outcry of a Facebook group calling for his head.

Seriously, in the face?

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5 Reasons You Should be Watching the Winter Olympics

February 18, 2010


I’ve heard a lot of talk and I’ve seen a lot of chatter(ahem, twitter) about the winter Olympics being too boring.  I’ve heard they’re not as fun as the summer, so therefore not worthy of being watched.  I have actually found the opposite to be true.  I’ve found myself watching these winter Olympics just as much, if not more than the summer games.  True, the summer Olympics being in China and that crazy time zone really hurt my viewership(I really hate watching tape delayed sports).  Also true, with the winter games being in Vancouver and the western time zone I can watch more with events being spread out over NBC, USA, and CNBC.  But that’s not all of it.

I find these games to be quite fun to watch.  Every time I turn it on, I find an appealing story to go along with the athletes competing.  I feel the athletes more or less represent the amateur spirit of what an olympic competitor should be.  Sure hockey has it’s fair share of NHL athletes just as basketball had in the NBA, difference is the NBA sucks and the NHL does not, so there.  I wasn’t looking forward to these games, but now that they’re here, I’m hooked.

However, if you’re not hooked, keep reading as I give you 5 reasons you should be.


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Curling rocks my face and is easily the best Winter Olympic event

February 16, 2010

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Jennifer Jones curls with the best of em

get it slut!

Any Olympic sport that you can do in a bar or on a cruise ship (in miniature and altered versions), while heavily intoxicated, trumps all others.  It speaks to the common man, the tailgater.  Curling is like the cornhole of the Olympics.  (OMG can you imagine cornhole in the Summer Olympics!!  GIGGITY!!!)

Cochese doing work in the cornhole pit

'Chese doin what he do

I am so seriously pissed sitting here right now watching the Canadians pound Norway in stupid hockey.  The description on my guide clearly says hockey AND curling.


*UPDATE* now NBC is showing women’s hockey….China v Finland.  Liberal-commie bastards (NBC not the Chinese or Norwegians).  WILL THE MADNESS EVER END, JEFF ZUCKER?

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