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Damn Gloves…

April 22, 2011


I hate it when that happens. You score a goal in the other team’s building and go to give a standard backwards closed fist salute to their fans and you’re friggin glove gets stuck in an awkward position!

That’s what “happened” to the Bruins’ Andrew Ference after scoring a goal in the 2nd period thursday night to bring Boston within one goal of the Montreal Canadiens in game 4 of the opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Ference had this to say:

“It looks awful,’’ Ference said. “I just saw it. I can assure you that’s not part of my repertoire. I don’t know if my glove got caught up or what. I can assure you that’s not part of who I am or what I ever have been. It looks awful. I admit it. I completely apologize to how it looks. But I can assure you — you guys have covered me long enough to know that’s not part of my repertoire. I was putting my fist in the air. I’m sorry. It does look awful. I don’t know what else to say.’’

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely believe him. Just like I believe Sergio Ramos wanted to share the Copa Del Rey trophy w/ the fans. The Bruins came back to win that game in OT and even up the series. Video of the salute after the frump.

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