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f-tunes: The Zombies—Odessey and Oracle

January 7, 2010


The Zombies Odessey and Oracle

The time has come for the debut of The Admiral here at Frump.  You will likely see me posting f-tunes more than any other, due to my unhealthy obsession with music.  Old music, current music and music that hasn’t even been released yet.  (Dear RIAA, about that last part.  I don’t steal, I time travel… and sample things to buy later… no, really).  I thought for a while about which album I would start with and figured it would be best to talk briefly about a record I wish I had been exposed to much sooner.

So here it is:  The ZombiesOdessey and Oracle.  The Admiral might be a noob to this whole blogging thing, but for those keeping score at home: No, I didn’t misspell “odyssey”, The Zombies did.  The band themselves claim it was done intentionally and with poetic license while the printer of the album’s artwork claims it was a mistake and the band is just covering.  Whatever the case may be, the unique spelling is apropo for the 1968 psychadelic baroque pop masterpiece. [originally released in the UK in 1967, for the music trivia buffs]  continued…


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