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Pic of the Day: I’ll Be The Judge of That!

June 30, 2011

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College Girls at Deep Throat Competition

Here at Frumpzilla we know that appearances can be deceiving. For instance, our lack of recent activity could suggest that we’ve abandoned our humble little blog when in truth we’re simply on our annual summer sabbatical.

By the same token, at first glance one might think that this month’s pic of the day just depicts your average gaggle of cute, beer wielding, Catholic college girls pre-gaming for yet another rip-roaring night of resisting the devilish temptations of premarital intercourse.

However, a deeper, more penetrating examination, reveals that these ladies are actually fierce competitors — ready to take down any and all obstacles in their path to glory.

My money’s on the obvious favorite: Contestant #10, donning the Celtics black alternate jersey.

Thanks to DBJ for the pic — and for making even a passing reference to the word “shoopie.”

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Support for St. Mary’s Clint Steindl was just an inch or two away from complete catastrophe last night…

November 16, 2010


Clint "Cunt" Steindl of the St. Mary's Gaels

Clint Steindl is one of only three returning starters for a St. Mary’s Gaels team that made a surprising Sweet Sixteen run last season.

Last night Clint scored a career high 22 points to lead the Gaels in a surprising victory over St. John’s — ruining Steve Lavin’s return to coaching in the process — and the West Coast Confernce champs will need more of the same from the 6’7″, sharpshooting Forward if they want to find similar success this year.

What Clint and St. Mary’s don’t need more of are near PR disasters similar to that pictured here. Seriously, if that hand is just a bit more to the her right, someone’s headed to Confession.

And, based on my days in Catholic school, that’s almost certainly going to result in a whole heap load of Hail Marys and Our Fathers; possibly even some corporal punishment…

Thanks to DBJ for the link [via Reddit]

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