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Charles Barkley’s Golf Swing: (Still) Inspiration To Us All

May 5, 2011


Now, we know that the sheer absurdity of The Round Mound of Rebound’s golf swing isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, but it’s still a phenomenon nonetheless — which is why we feel it’s wise to occasionally remind aspiring golfers out there that things could always be worse.

Here’s Barkley on the first tee at a recent celebrity outing. Notwithstanding the incomprehensibility of the motion involved here, Sir Charles also manages to lose his club head, apparently nearly out-driving his own ball in the process. Amazing.

Luckily, Bo Jackson — AKA: “the 2nd greatest athlete in Auburn history” — was apparently on hand to lend Barkley a replacement driver, and we can only imagine the theatrics that went down throughout the remaining 17 holes.

Good stuff, Chuck. Who says one can never really own their swing?

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Tony Barbee, Auburn Basketball Might Have a Bit of a Problem on Their Hands

December 19, 2010


Tony Barbee and Auburn Basketball are in trouble

The solution to Auburn's struggles apparently keeps vanishing before coach Tony Barbee's very eyes

Listen, I know we’re talking about a program  that — despite counting the likes of Charles Barkley, Chuck Person, and Wesley Person amongst its alumni — has hardly a modicum of basketball tradition, but this is getting ridiculous.

New coach Tony Barbee isn’t yet finding the same success he had at UTEP, where he went 82-52  over four seasons, including a Tourney appearance last year.

No, following Saturday night’s 62-59 loss to Presbyterian, Barbee and Auburn are now 3-7 on the year, and despite 8 of those 10 games being played at home.

Oh, and it’s not like the odds have been firmly stacked against the SEC West squad either. Just look at who’s doing the damage…


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Charles Barkley is deathly afraid of Alabama winning the BCS Title

January 6, 2010


Sir Charles is an Auburn man, through and throughAuburn Tiger (or perhaps War Eagle, or Fighting Tiger Eagle, or something) alumnus, Charles Barkley, has never been one to shy away from a microphone.  Nor has the Round Mound of Rebound ever been one to mince words, and he’s certainly not doing that when it comes to his thoughts on the prospects of Alabama winning another national championship; or, as any true college football fan has come to call it, Mythical National Championship, that is.

“I always tell people the three saddest days of my life were the day Elvis died, the day JFK died and the day Alabama fired Mike Shula,” Barkley told reporters at a presser for tonight’s GMAC Bowl in Mobile.  “This could be the longest year of our lives if they win.  They are the worst winners in the history of civilization.”

Well said, Sir Charles.  Alabama folks are pretty uppity, yeah?  Citing all those Championships during 4 loss seasons, and stuff.  Frump it here for a video clip of Barkley’s comments at the press conference and full article from Al.com.


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