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Wing King: NFL Lockout Could Have Devastating Consequences for Chicken Wing Industry

March 15, 2011

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NFL Lockout could destroy the chicken wing industryIn a week that’s seen many media outlets chastised — however unfairly — for prioritizing something like the pending NFL lockout over other, completely unrelated human interest stories, I must say it’s quite refreshing to come across an examination of something sharing at least some semblance of a contextual connection.

Namely, chickens. More specifically, their ubiquitous, extremely tasty wings.

Yes, Joe Sanderson of Sanderson Farms, Inc. — the nation’s largest supplier of chicken wings to food services groups such as Sysco and U.S. Foods — claims that a NFL lockout “would kill wings; it would be terrible on wings.

Indeed, when one thinks of the sheer amount of chicken wings, tenders, and boneless wing bites likely consumed supplementary to a typical NFL season, it’s easy to imagine just how disastrous a lockout could be to what’s probably the marquee foodstuff of America’s most popular professional sport.


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