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And on the 7th Day…God Created Jam: BB&A’s Superstition

February 8, 2010


Classic jam of the week: Beck, Bogert and Appice's Superstition
In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, I held back on our weekly classic jam feature til today. All apologies.

90% of the time, I prefer originals to covers (every time), but occasionally you have to make an exception — Namely, when the cover in question just jams your frumpin’ pants off as much as this one does.

I guess the fact that Stevie Wonder actually wrote this for Jeff Beck helps, too. However, Stevie’s manager apparently liked the song so much that he insisted Wonder record it first (which he did), and the rest is history. Wonder instead offered “Since We’ve Ended As Lovers” to Beck as an exclusive, and Beck pressed that on his landmark fusion jazz album, Blow By Blow (1975).

You can find “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers” after the frump, but, for now, here’s Beck, Bogert and Appice’s cover of “Superstition.” Check your volume, and hold onto to your frumpin’ pants…


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