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Friday Frump Classic: That shot by Mario Chalmers…

March 19, 2010


Figured it would be wise to remain somewhat topical for today’s Friday Frump Classic. Yesterday was almost certainly one of the best opening days in recent NCAA Tournament memory (at least my memory), some really fantastic finishes.  So why not take a look back at another (near) finish that probably stands as one of the more clutch moments in the Tournament’s history?

Frump it here to relive how Mario Chalmers, at least for one shining moment, was as cool as the barren arctic wasteland from whence he came (I’m sure there would have been a Sarah Palin joke in there, too, if she’d been relevant at the time).

For readers that have entered our Frump Madness bracket contest, don’t forget you can check on stuff at the resource page and tracker.

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Friday Frump Classic

February 5, 2010


Friday Frump Classics

Since Frumpzilla only recently kicked things back up again, on Fridays we like to take a quick look back in time to present our readers with some of the more memorable content from the old site.  Normally Cochese handles these duties, but he’s a bit tied up today and asked if I could do the honors.

I figured since there’s been  some recent buzz about serious issues with Toyota’s new Prisuses, we might as well take advantage and get some content up related to Hybrid vehicles.  The fact that it’s recycled content makes it all the more relevant, right?

Frump it here for today’s Friday Frump Classic: Sports Cars Dethroned as Primary Means of Male Compensation

The beautiful woman in this picture actually doesn't dig sports cars.  There's actually a Hybrid located just to the right, off camera.  She's simply trying to get over there.

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