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Since when do clubs/bars still want to charge a cover at 1:35 am?

March 1, 2010


you get nothing! you lose! good day sir!

So while the details of this weekend are still a bit fuzzy to me, I do distinctly remember trying to visit a local establishment, typically reserved for ‘gentlemen,’ late Saturday night.  A buddy (who shall go unnamed) and I decided it would be a great idea to visit said club for a nightcap, only to be rebuffed with the audacity of a cover charge at 1:35 am!!  No way in hell am I paying a $15 cover right before you close.  I don’t care if Lindsey Lohan is in the champagne room giving freebies.  I communicated this to the door chick who would would not waver from her insistence of a full charge, unwilling to even negotiate.   She was like Obama at the health care summit last week.

Think about this.  You are closing in 2o minutes.  You have customers that want to come inside to buy your ridiculously overpriced liquor.  Your parking lot is half empty…its obviously a slow night.  Why on Earth would you turn customers away that late into the night?  That makes zero sense.

You get nothing.  You lose.  Good day sir (madame).

PS – When pressed on the issue, the chick at the door taking the money kept saying, “well we’ve been open since 7.”  What does that have to do with anything?  Am I missing something?

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