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5 melodramatic press conferences that give Tiger a run for his money

February 19, 2010


Tiger Woods: The ThesbianDon’t let some of these pundits fool you, Frumpsters. Sure, sports naturally lends itself to drama, and the adoring public’s spotlight, for better or worse, typically doesn’t switch off when the lights of the arenas, fields and stadiums that players and coaches occupy in their respective professional lives do, but sometimes people just need to get a grip.

Seriously, we’ve got respected, established journalists out there (who shall remain nameless) shedding tears and using words like “profound” and “deep” in reference to this act Tiger just put on a bit ago.

And, before I get labeled a “hater” or something, let me just say that, before now, I was never particularly fazed by all this Tiger scandal stuff. It was entertaining more than anything, but never completely ruined Tiger’s aura, or whatever, for me.

Now, however, after it became overwhelmingly clear that the most sincere thing at Tiger’s presser was his own level of self absorption (or possibly the look on his mother’s face), he just might be doomed.

But at least he’s not the first to pull a stunt like this, right? I mean, his performance may have been the most Oscar-worthy, sure, but there is precedence, and we highlight a bit of what may have served as inspiration for Tiger here (and after the jump).

We’ve also got the full clip of Tiger’s press conference for those of you that may have missed out, so please do enjoy (regardless of how unfair it all is).


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College Football Coach Has Some Advice For Sports Bloggers…

January 8, 2010

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“Put your real name on the blawwg!”  These words, these videos, or perhaps the sound of them, are permanently etched upon my ear drums, Frumpsters.  Seriously.  At first I wondered why I’d never come across this hilarity, but then I remembered that David Bennett is the head coach of the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers.  What’s a Chanticleer, you ask?  Yeah, I asked the same thing.

The first Google result was for an all male chorus billing themselves as “An Orchestra of Voices,” but I figured that was probably a mistake.  So I went to Coastal Carolina’s about page and found that a Chanticleer is actually “a proud and fierce rooster that dominates the barnyard.”

Fitting, in a groundbreaking manner, in fact, which we explore a bit more after the Frump.  There’s also another choice cut of Bennett discussing why the Chanticleers chose to fly up to Ohio on the day of the game (instead of the day before) for this year’s season opener against Kent.  Trust us, it’s worth it…


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