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Mike Leach: Color Arrrghnalyst

September 12, 2010


Hmmm, former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach.  So much comes to mind: Offensive genius. Cruel, draconian task master of Adam James. Lover of all things pirate. And now, forevermore, CBS College Football color analyst.

Yes, Mike Leach made his in-game analyst debut during CBS’ Saturday evening coverage of the N.C. State-Central Florida game down in Orlando.  A resident of Key West – what true pirate enthusiast could feel at home on the mainland, after all? – Leach didn’t have too far to go to get his commentating career off the mark. How far he may have gone to relax his nerves is another question entirely, however.

Just one game in, Leach already has a bit of a greatest hits compilation (many thanks to NCStateFootball). Whether it was the Under Armor button up – with tie – or his riveting imagery regarding a bizarro world in which baby seals become the clubbers (somehow, Leach’s fantastic baby seal metaphor didn’t make it into this video – will try to track it down), I must say, Mike Leach –  in-game college football color analyst – may be the best conception of Mike Leach to date.

But wait, there’s more!: CBS is covering N.C. State’s game against the East Carolina Pirates on October 16th, and guess who’s slated for color commentary duties. Seriously, if that doesn’t restore your faith in something – anything – then you might as well go ahead and end it all now. Yeah, I’m giving 3:1 odds that Leach shows up for the game in Greenville in full pirate garb. Any takers?

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