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Community Christian Church’s Version of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Sure to Make You Take the Lord’s Name in Vain

April 7, 2011


Just when you thought Rebecca Black’s megahit couldn’t possibly get any worse, some Christian megachurch had to go and exacerbate things. Fortunately, this doesn’t appear to be Community Christian Church’s (CCC) ordinary course of business. No, apparently when CCC isn’t dropping videos, they’re producing seminars — like “Hero God”:

Everybody needs a hero, but what kind of hero is God? Join us for Hero God where we will take a look at our God whose very nature is servanthood, but who will also disappoint us, die and then in the end: win.

Incidentally, it appears CCC’s God and Charlie Sheen bear a striking resemblance. Coincidence? Almost certainly.

Either way, for those of a more Satanic persuasion, make the jump for yet another — nearly as frightening — Rebecca Black parody…


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