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Happy Birthday, Herschel Walker: Here’s why you belong in the Hall of Fame

March 3, 2010


Does Herschel Walker belong in the Hall of Fame?Yes, it’s true.  Herschel Walker was born this the 3rd day of March back in 1962.  Nearly half a century later, let’s see, he’s represented the United States in the Winter Olympics; danced professional ballet; developed a successful food services enterprise; and, amongst other things,  just recently won his first MMA match.  He also dabbled in something called “Football” a bit along the way, and that’s actually what we’re focusing on today.  More specifically, why Mr. Walker’s bust should grace the hallowed halls in Canton at some point.

Yes, yes, I know.  It immediately sounds like a preposterous, if not borderline insane, suggestion, but that’s why I’m here to offer this hopefully compelling argument on Herschel’s behalf.

It might actually be more of a comparative evaluation, really.  See, I figured if I could demonstrate that Herschel was as good, better or even just comparable to an already enshrined peer that nearly no one would question is justifiably in the Hall, then one must logically accept that Walker is at least worthy of such consideration.  That said, let’s take a look at Walker’s professional career next to Tony Dorsett’s.  The results may surprise you…


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