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Fruit flies just took one in the groin from the, aptly named, bushcricket

November 9, 2010


The Bushcricket, rubbing his sack on yet another unassuming victim

It's official: The bushcricket has the world's largest balls - something I imagine the owner of these fingers was not aware of

Frump doesn’t delve too much into animal science, but when the animal kingdom crowns a new champion in the “World’s Largest Balls” category, well, it’s hard not to take notice.

A study from researchers at the University of Cambridge has confirmed that the greatest “testes to body weight ratio,” once believed to belong to the fruit fly (Drosophila bifurca) is actually swung by a species of bushcricket packing heat at a 14% clip.

An article from Live Science helps put that figure in perspective: “[T]he testicles of a 200-pound man would weigh 28 pounds.”

In a word: Nuts.

Curiously, the bushcricket’s massive sack actually packs less of a punch than one might expect, and, as researcher James Gilbert demonstrates, the study’s authors don’t beat around the bush when discussing the implications:

Traditionally it has been pretty safe to assume that when females are promiscuous, males use monstrously-sized testicles to deliver huge numbers of sperm to swamp the competition – even in primates.

Our study shows that we have to rethink this assumption. It looks as though the testes may be that big simply to allow males to mate repeatedly without their sperm reserves being exhausted.

Riveting stuff, Dr. Gilbert – although I think it’s still pretty safe to assume that promiscuous females often find themselves swamped in the competition, so to speak.

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