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Danish Curlers complain that crowd noise is “unfair”

February 20, 2010


Its no wonder their country is named after the doughnut’s inferior breakfast cousin.  What a bunch of panty-wastes…

Madeleine Dupont (center)

I am pretty sure you should be automatically dismissed from the Olympics if you complain about crowd noise as the determining factor in your failure. Lame sauce.  Sack up.

Denmark’s Madeleine Dupont said she was unable to control the weight of a key shot near the end of Friday’s game against Canada because of the noise.

Ive always had the same bone to pick with tennis players and golfers.  The hardest thing to do in sports is to hit major league pitching, and those guys do it in front of 30k+ screaming, hostile fans.

An official with the venue told Reuters that beer sales there were expected to be second only to ice hockey.

Yup.  If they sold mint schnapps they would probably make enough to cover their national health care.  Dudes crush the schnapps while curling.  Ask somebody.

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