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Ravens fans show off their best Ray Lewis-inspired dance moves at Charlotte bar following victory over Panthers

November 23, 2010


If you happened to be at Bank of America Stadium to catch the Ravens’ 37-13 drubbing of the Panthers on Sunday, well, you probably didn’t miss much in the way of remarkable pro football.

Sure, the W is certainly nice for Baltimore fans. And seeing Brian St. Pierre — the NFL’s first stay-at-home-dad to throw back-to-back pick 6’s in a game — launch that 88-yard bomb to Gettis must have given the Carolina faithful some brief semblance of hope. But, ultimately, this was just another run-of-the-mill win by a 7-3 playoff contender over a 1-9 cellar dweller.

All that said, however, if you happened to stumble into the Whiskey River bar after the game, your football Sunday would have been fortuitously redeemed by the remarkable scene that follows: Ravens fans doing their best Ray Lewis impressions on the dance floor.

Thanks to the Gingerhead Man for the tip: Found at The Big Lead, via Guyism

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