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“Drunk” Guy at Sweetwater 420 Festival Adds Special Touch to Dead Confederate Performance

April 20, 2011


Frump couldn’t let April 20th pass without posting something at least remotely related to today’s “special holiday.”  With that in mind, here’s a “drunk” guy — clearly a huge fan of Athens-based band Dead Confederate — truly letting himself go at Atlanta’s Sweetwater 420 music festival.  Pretty epic, eh?

I put “drunk” in quotes, because there appears to be some debate about whether this fella was actually intoxicated (via the consumption of alcohol) or not. From YouTube user HumanStarterKit:

HE IS NOT DRUNK!!! His name is Vincent ****** and I have known him for 6 years, and he has never taken a single drop of alcohol in that time or anytime before. He is just a little crazy and loves music, really loves music, way more than you or I could ever say we do. Long Live Rock and Roll Vinny!!!! Please stop saying he is a drunk!

Okay, we’ll give “Rock and Roll Vinny” the benefit of the drink here — we’ll accept the suggestion that he hadn’t had a single drop of alcohol that day (at a brewing company-sponsored music festival).

That said, I guess we’ll just have to assume Vincent might as well have been flying kites on Mt. Everest during his little one-man dance-off, right?  In the spirit of the festival, of course.

Whatever the case, it’s nice to see someone having some good, clean, shameless fun, yeah? Not to mention giving that flip-flop kid a run for his money — at least as far as getting the most out of one’s music festival enjoyment is concerned.

Nice moves, Vincent!

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