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Dean Windass: Now Taking Broadcasting by the Balls

May 14, 2010

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Dean Windass: Taking broadcasting by the ballsDean Windass. Journeyman striker. Prolific goal scorer. Seemingly timeless, controversial English footballer. And now, indeed, on the cutting edge of broadcasting.

Yes, it’s true. Dean Windass played for 11 different clubs during a career that spanned nearly two decades (1990-2009).

Did Dean Windass make nearly 700 professional appearances? Yes.

Did Dean Windass score 230 professional goals? Yes.

Did Dean Windass once grab and squeeze the testicles of an opponent during a match? Yes. Yes, Dean Windass did.

Is Dean Windass now grabbing the proverbial balls of Sky Sports and the footballing world as a Soccer Saturday match reporter? You’re god d*mn right Dean Windass is…

Thanks to T-Rex for the video…

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