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Wolfpack Spring Practice: Day Seven – Defensive Backs

April 16, 2010


Much maligned in 2009, this young group must step up its play in 2010 if the Pack hopes to win.

Like that rhyming?  Pretty sick.  Someone forward this blog to Dre.

Anywho…No question that the youngest position group on the field last season were the defensive backs and it is no question that it showed.  Typical of young players, there were flashes of potential (Pittsburgh), often followed by head-scratching periods of growing pains (Duke).  Fortunately, there is no better way to be baptized on the football field than to be done so by fire and that experience should begin to payoff this season…

Frump it for projected starters and analyis….don’t forget the rest of the spring breakdown, listed below and be on the lookout next week for a Frump-exclusive look at the Spring game set to kick tomorrow.

Day 6 – Linebackers

Day 5 – Defensive Line

Day 4 – Receivers

Day 3 – Offensive Line

Day 2 – Backfield (RB and QB)

Day 1 – Overview


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