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Bubble Baby Laughing at Half-Speed Is Good For the Lulz (In Small Doses)

April 25, 2011


I generally consider myself above your average “(allegedly) cute baby doing (allegedly) cute thing(s)” video, which may or may not explain why — until today — I wasn’t amongst the nearly 1.2 million YouTube viewers of the original version of this video.

I guess I just don’t like babies. Human babies, at least, but that’s probably another post for another day.

Notwithstanding the above, when “half-speed” is thrown into the mix, all bets are off. In fact, I have absolutely no qualms about enjoying the slow-mo version of this nonsense about as much — if not more — than that kid and pup enjoyed those damn bubbles. Why, I’m not sure, but it was certainly one of today’s more enjoyable diversions.

Moreover, I noticed that many YouTube commenters happened to draw a connection between this video and their experiences with LSD — which, of course, made me really, really, really glad that I’ve always passed on LSD.

Seriously, while I could see a few minutes of such altered states representing some semblance of lysergic bliss, I’m convinced anything more than 1/2 an hour would soon become utterly terrifying. Curiously, not entirely unlike my sober experiences with babies…

Via Reddit

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