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Dutch Comedian’s Duet with Young Boy May Be the WTF? of the Century

October 8, 2010


As you can see below, apparently allusions to pedophilia are  – or at least were – all the rage amongst Dutch humorists.

I mean, I know The Netherlands is a tad more “loose,” perhaps, than your average Western society, and I applaud that. Love Amsterdam.  LOVE IT. Fantastic place to visit. Been there several times. Rotterdam, Eindhoven, The Hague.  They’re all nice, too.

Gotta tell ya, though: I’ve seem some messed up sh*t in my day — the Red Light District notwithstanding — but this video gets possibly the firmest “Freaky Friday WTF?” stamp in Frumpzilla’s heralded history.  Seriously, just what in the hell?

Really lends a bit of credence to Nigel Powers’ perspective on world cultures, doesn’t it?

Thanks to DBJ for the tip!

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