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Post Elite Eight Bracket Contest Standings Update

March 28, 2010

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Disaster for Brian Krams, our leader going into the Elite Eight games, as none of his three remaining Final Four picks (Kansas State, Kentucky, and Baylor) managed to stick around.  He won’t be the only disappointed entrant, of course, because the vast majority of our contest’s brackets are now mathematically different.  Before a couple more quick notes and full standings (after the jump), here’s the Top 10 11.

  1. Amelia Hayes # (WVU): 117
  2. Jared Johnson: 117
  3. Sarah Otvos # (Duke): 116
  4. Justin Anderson: 113
  5. Andy Hummel: 111
  6. Whit Rawls # (WVU): 107
  7. Janet Mullaney*: 107
  8. Billy Purdy*: 106
  9. Justin Smith: 104
  10. Nina and Scout: 104
  11. Robert DuPrau*: 104


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Frumpzilla’s Bracket Contest Post Sweet 16 Update

March 27, 2010


Sorry for the delay, Frumpsters.   Some scary issues with the tracker file (now resolved) kept us from getting you this standings update sooner.  Here’s the Top 10 14, with some significant movers and shakers.  Full standings after the jump.

  1. Brian Krams, 102
  2. Amelia Hayes, 101
  3. Jared Johnson, 101
  4. Sarah Otvos, 100
  5. Janet Mullaney, 99
  6. Justin Anderson, 97
  7. Chris Drummond, 96
  8. Ed Hightower, 96
  9. Robert DuPrau, 96
  10. B-Diddy, 95
  11. Derek Gilmore, 95
  12. Betsy Eagleson, 95
  13. Andy Hummel, 95
  14. Cameron Frye, 95


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Frumpzilla’s First Annual NCAA Tournament Bracket Pool *Prize Update*

March 17, 2010


March Madness 2010

Join Frumpzilla's March Madness 2010 Pool!

It’s that time, Frumpsters. March Frump Madness time, and what better way for you to celebrate than to enter our first annual bracket contest? Best of all, it’s entirely free to enter (seriously, there’s no catch), and you can actually win thousands of dollars* in prizes**!

All you have to do is email us to let us know you want in (that’s frumpmail@gmail.com in case the link doesn’t work for you), and we’ll send you a bracket. Send your completed entry back to us, and that’s it. If you’re savvy enough to already have access to an editable electronic bracket, you can obviously just complete it and attach it to your initial email. Tiebreaker is the total score in the championship game.

We’re using a fairly standard, balanced scoring system (2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 for Round 1 through the Championship game, respectively), and will be posting the updated bracket and standings after each round here at the site. Once all the brackets are in, we’ll also be sending out a file that contains all the entries and their corresponding picks (just to ensure there’s no funny business).

Good luck, Frumpsters! Let us know if you have any questions, and we hope to see you in the pool!

*Taiwanese Dollars

**1st Place: $100 (U.S.) Target gift card. 2nd place: $50 Target gift card. 3rd place: $25 Target gift card. All winners will also get some ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Dick Towel apparel! Truly frumptastic.

***BIG UPDATE!!*** We’ve gotten our hands on 6 sideline premier tickets(sec. 107 row N seats 1-6) for The Carolina Hurricanes April 8th matchup vs. The Montreal Canadiens!!  The top 3 finishers that can attend the game on the 8th in Raleigh, NC will get a pair!  If you’re out of the area, we’ll just go to the next person in line. (top 3 overall still get above winnings)

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