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I’m in Love.

January 25, 2010


Mail Order Brides

So I received this email the other day:

I’m girl. I have a blonde hair with golden shining. My eyes is yellow like topaz. I am not high. I have beautiful skin. My hair is long curly. I live in a the capital. I work in public organization. I like to watch talk shows. Representations in the performance pop stars on stage. I like going to cafes and restaurants . I like sea. If you talk about me I am interesting girl. Most of all in men I value openness. When I you noticed on the street. I decided for myself : must. Because I can be for you a caring lover or someone great if you want. I’m wait.

As you can imagine, I’m sold.  Eyes is yellow like topaz?  Live in a the capital?  Like to watch talk shows?  LIKE SEA?!?!?!?!  What else could you ask for in a woman?  I’m not completely sold on the either/or situation she gave with “I can be for you a caring lover or someone great” but you can’t win them all.  She also didn’t give her name but I’m a fan of surprises and mystery.  Unfortunately I’ve tried to reach out to her and yet to receive a response.  Until then, “I’m wait” as well.

On an unrelated note, my credit cards seem to be maxed-out and my bank account is empty.  Odd.

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