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Video: Bully gets body slammed after kid decides he’s had enough, fights back…

March 14, 2011


Bully gets body slammed by bullied kid who's had enough

Consider this Frump’s first foray into inter-personal relationship porn for social outcasts.  I guess one can only turn the other cheek for so long, you know — even when they’re being targeted by a kid that likely held the record for “World’s Smallest Bully” (however briefly).

Now, I’m not sure if this will have a Hollywood-style happy ending for our little bullied redeemer here — i.e. I doubt this will be the last time he tastes the cold steel of a bad fat joke, or something — but, for now, I think it’s fine to bask in the glory of what’s surely one of the best bully comeuppances we’ve seen in some time.

Here’s to hoping no one got jumped after school…

Thanks to DBJ for championing the oppressed (Via)

YouTube took down three different videos, so we’re just gonna have to host this one ourselves. Sheesh

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