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Pic of the Day: The Greatest Rat Tail Mankind Shall Ever Know

March 8, 2011


The greatest, most epic rat tail of all time

Seriously — don’t even bother. As far as rat tails go, it’s all downhill from here. And at a rather steep angle, I might add.

We’ve been wanting to do a “Pic of the Day” type thing for about 2 years now. Ultimately, none of us were willing to commit to actually having to post — however quickly — every day. I mean, that kind of obligation is extremely unsettling when you’re as lazy and prone to feelings of guilt as we are.

That said, maybe something as epic as this incredibly fantastic rat tail will light a fire.  Awe inspiring, isn’t it?

Anyway, this should keep us going for at least the rest of the week. We make no “Pic of the Day” promises from that point forward, however…

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The Best Fails of 2010

January 5, 2011


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Quite possibly the greatest, most epic mountain bike jump fail of all time

December 15, 2010


BOOM! How this guy made it out of that with just a nasty gash in his ear is beyond me. Seriously, probably just a hair away from the intensive care unit there.

Doesn’t a skull fracture, or at least a serious concussion, seem far more appropriate after such a miserable fail? I mean, off the front porch of a trailer? Head-first into a lovely concrete patio? On film? Sheesh.

This kid’s a lot more than just “cool,” how ’bout lucky as “hayull.” Good sh*t, son, indeed.

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Dad Teaching Daughter to Skateboard Fail Brings the Funny, Warms the Heart

October 19, 2010


Other than a brief, adolescent ambition to become the next Tony Hawk, I’ve never been terribly taken by “Extreme Sports.” In fact, I find scenes like this to be exponentially more entertaining than anything I’ve experienced via the X Games over the past fifteen years, and the same can be said for the video that follows.

The build-up to this one is exceptional,  and well worth Dad’s eventual, epic fail. Dad’s awesome “Win” there at the end is nothing to scoff at either.

Believe it or else, though, I think my favorite part of this clip is the epic concern expressed by Dad’s family.  Really tugs at the ole heartstrings, yeah?

Right or wrong, I’m pretty sure a scene like this would have met with immediate derision – however lighthearted – in the household of my Powell-Peralta past.  That and maybe an epic argument over the sentimental attachment to that china cabinet…

If you enjoyed that, make the jump for several other “Dad trying to skateboard” fails. Great Wednesday/Hump Day time killer. We promise…


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A Little Monday Pick-Me-Up (in case you missed us, and/or hate Mondays in general)

May 19, 2008

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Well, it’s been yet another long, draining, soul searching Monday, and I’m spent.  We missed posting something on Sunday, but given that it’s a traditional day of rest even when Football isn’t in season, I guess that’s excusable.

I wish I had it in me to post something more engaing and thought provoking right now, but Monday has sucked any semblance of any such ability, real or imagined, out of me. Still, I hate for Frumpzilla to miss a day. It irks me. After all, it does used to read “The Daily Frump” above, and that’s what should be expected.

So in an effort to lift my spirits, and assure that Frumpzilla doesn’t attain the undesirable distinction of missing two days in a row, I’ve decided to offer this gem: A classic, Sergio Leone esque showdown (minus the extreme closeups and Marricone score, unfortunately), between what is possibly the world’s worst hunter, and almost certainly its bravest  and/or dumbest deer (they go hand in hand at times I suppose).

Not exactly new I know, but this clip obviously works a treat on various levels today.  I feel so much better now…

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