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Pic of the Day: The Greatest Rat Tail Mankind Shall Ever Know

March 8, 2011


The greatest, most epic rat tail of all time

Seriously — don’t even bother. As far as rat tails go, it’s all downhill from here. And at a rather steep angle, I might add.

We’ve been wanting to do a “Pic of the Day” type thing for about 2 years now. Ultimately, none of us were willing to commit to actually having to post — however quickly — every day. I mean, that kind of obligation is extremely unsettling when you’re as lazy and prone to feelings of guilt as we are.

That said, maybe something as epic as this incredibly fantastic rat tail will light a fire.  Awe inspiring, isn’t it?

Anyway, this should keep us going for at least the rest of the week. We make no “Pic of the Day” promises from that point forward, however…

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Motorized Wheelchair Driving Granny Takes Out Young Jig Spectator

January 4, 2011

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Unless you happen to be a Jig enthusiast, or something, you might want to skip ahead to about the 50 second mark for the climax. That said, the build-up and aftermath to this one is pretty good, however.

I’m not sure what set this granny off. Perhaps it was the back of that lovely young lady’s head. Or maybe an envious longing for the lively, exuberant youth that waived bye-bye to our hell-on-wheels octogenarian so long ago simply got the best of her. Either way, it’s clear this was no accident.

Grams starts planning her move at around 0:15; rolling to a prime, covert ramming position from the rear. Then, in an effort to avoid any innocent casualties, she waits til about 0:53 — when the performers are clearly out of harm’s way — to deliver the death blow.

Unfortunately, the skip in the soundtrack suggests the D.J. booth may have taken a hit, but such are the casualties of generational warfare, I suppose.

After scooting her way back to the victim’s table, presumably to boast, she returns to her designated area to enjoy the rest of the show. The victim isn’t seen or heard from again. Seriously.

And we thought that video of the Bay City Rollers invading a nursing home was scary. Sheesh…

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Quite possibly the greatest, most epic mountain bike jump fail of all time

December 15, 2010


BOOM! How this guy made it out of that with just a nasty gash in his ear is beyond me. Seriously, probably just a hair away from the intensive care unit there.

Doesn’t a skull fracture, or at least a serious concussion, seem far more appropriate after such a miserable fail? I mean, off the front porch of a trailer? Head-first into a lovely concrete patio? On film? Sheesh.

This kid’s a lot more than just “cool,” how ’bout lucky as “hayull.” Good sh*t, son, indeed.

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Dad Teaching Daughter to Skateboard Fail Brings the Funny, Warms the Heart

October 19, 2010


Other than a brief, adolescent ambition to become the next Tony Hawk, I’ve never been terribly taken by “Extreme Sports.” In fact, I find scenes like this to be exponentially more entertaining than anything I’ve experienced via the X Games over the past fifteen years, and the same can be said for the video that follows.

The build-up to this one is exceptional,  and well worth Dad’s eventual, epic fail. Dad’s awesome “Win” there at the end is nothing to scoff at either.

Believe it or else, though, I think my favorite part of this clip is the epic concern expressed by Dad’s family.  Really tugs at the ole heartstrings, yeah?

Right or wrong, I’m pretty sure a scene like this would have met with immediate derision – however lighthearted – in the household of my Powell-Peralta past.  That and maybe an epic argument over the sentimental attachment to that china cabinet…

If you enjoyed that, make the jump for several other “Dad trying to skateboard” fails. Great Wednesday/Hump Day time killer. We promise…


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Fat guy on skateboard Fail might just make you piddle your pants…

April 26, 2010


In the realm of skateboarding Fails, there’s only one thing that might be better than watching your average, run-of-the-mill bust up — and that’s your average, run-of-the-mill bust up featuring one of the more pleasantly plump of our species losing his balance and stumbling a few feet before executing an epic face plant into the bumper of a Pontiac Grand Am. Oh, and all in front of the adoring eyes of his offspring, too. BOOM!

And to you, little one; you that couldn’t quite control your bladder there at the end. Go ahead, son. Pee freely. This time, no one could blame you…

Special thanks to The GingerHead Man, who may or may not be MIA in Kuala Lumpur, for the link and inspiration…

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Crossing the Street Fail

February 9, 2010


In light of all the inclement weather the Frumpzilla staff has been experiencing lately, I figured it would be a good time to remind us all of how much worse it could be.  For example, like, if you got owned (twice) this badly by the weather within a 3 second span (and were about to get called out for it by the internets).

Sure, it’s not snow, but it’s still Mother Nature letting you know that she’s still Queen…and that she’ll have her way with you at her leisure (British pronunciation).

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How not to play Peter Pan

January 15, 2010


I am still wiping the tears away…

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NBCfail = :Facepalm: *Updated*

January 13, 2010


Conan Facepalm

It has been officially announced by NBC that Jay Leno will be removed from his primetime 10pm time slot due to his poor ratings.  Unfortunately this means that Conan O’Brien(my choice in late night since 1993) is left with a difficult choice.  He can move to 12:05 or move to a different network.  This move would also push Jimmy Fallon’s start time back to 1:05am which is absurd(I really like his show btw).  It seems NBC is *politely* trying to push Conan out so they can go back to their clean lineup with Leno on the Tonight Show.

*Update* – 12:52p.m. 01/11/10

According to the New York Post Conan is understandably peeved at NBC and is considering an offer from FOX to move his show to their network.

“This level of sh- – -iness was not expected,” one source said.
“He’s done a great job for NBC. He moved his entire staff, he moved his family to LA. And five months later, they repay him like this?”
As it stands now, the source said, “Conan would be happier somewhere else.”

Jerry Seinfeld even weighed in with his (quite PC)thoughts:

“What did the network do to Conan? I don’t think anyone’s preventing people from watching Conan,” he said during an appearance to hype his new NBC show, “The Marriage Ref.”

Let’s see NBC move Jerry’s show to midnight with the unfunny Leno as a lead-in and see what he thinks then.  Who’s going to turn it back from Letterman at 12 to check out what’s on NBC?  I personally think FOX could be a good fit(except they have the worst HD in television) as he would most likely have more freedom.  What do yall think?  Please leave your thoughts in the comment’s section, that’s what it’s there for!  Before we get into what Conan *should* do, let’s take a look back at what got NBC in this mess.  Check it out after the FRUMP!

*Update* – 11:00p.m. 01/12/10

Conan O’Brien has released a full statement.  This is probably the best written statement I have ever read.  It’s so ridiculously good i can’t get past it.  If Leno doesn’t pack it up and retire after this, then neither he nor NBC have any soul whatsoever.  Be a man Jay, WALK AWAY!!!

I'm With COCO!!!

(image via Mike)


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The Best Fails of 2009

January 8, 2010


We hadn’t done anything in a “best of the year” vein yet, so try this on for size (albeit belatedly).  Special thanks to Niko for the tip!

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January 8, 2010


back to the frump

So because its Friday and our collective creative reservoirs are running dry, we present a weekly classic frump from the past



ski lift fail


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