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10 Spirited Sideline Smashups From Which You May or May Not Derive a Bit of Guilty Pleasure

October 1, 2010

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Man in wheelchair gets run over by Florida's Will HillAbsent someone being seriously injured, who doesn’t enjoy seeing large, prime conditioned athletes barrel down — uncontrollably — on innocent, poorly positioned, sideline-dwelling pedestrians?

Whether it’s a cameraman, cheerleader, reporter or even some not-so-lucky lucky fan with a field pass, there’s just something magical about it, ya know? Something spawning that “Holy sh*t, that was awesome!” feeling at first, yet invariably ending with the obligatory “But, yeah…that sucks, man” comment (regardless of its sincerity). One of my favorite scenes from Tommy Boy sums up the phenomenon nicely, I think.

Well, as seen above, this past weekend’s Kentucky-Florida game highlighted one of the more provocative of said smashups I’ve ever seen. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t been discussed more. I mean, rarely — if ever — has someone so limited in lateral movement been the victim of such an unfortunate incident, and that, of course, makes it even better worse, right?

As far as I know, no one was seriously injured there, which is nice, but did I laugh when I saw it live? Yes. Yes, I did (I mean, Will Hill (Florida’s #10) actually killed two birds with one stone there, and that means bonus points).

Now, did I also immediately feel some sense of remorse for being amused? Absolutely, and that’s all that matters in the end…right?

Either way, test yourself on some of these other “sideline” mishaps after the jump. Figuring first time viewings would work best, we did a little digging for some that probably aren’t as widely known and appreciated, but there’s some classics in here as well. Enjoy!


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