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Auburn Fans Don’t Like ESPN, Mark Schlabach

November 8, 2010


Mark Schlabach gets called out by Auburn fansWhether it’s due to being an alumnus of a bitter rival (The University of Georgia), or because he’s allegedly just another pawn in the game of the Worldwide Leader’s apparently evil, agenda driven sports coverage, it’s clear that fans on The Plains aren’t terribly taken by Mark Schlabach.

Maybe it’s because Mark had the audacity to write something so obviously biased against poor ole Cam Newton. I don’t know, but the chants of “You suck!,” “Tell the truth!,” and “You’re terrible!” have never better exemplified the class and nobility of Auburn Tiger/War Eagle/Flying War Tiger fans.

I mean, YouTube user stagman1’s description of this video really nails it, yeah?:

“Journalist,” Mark Schlabach receives less than warm welcome from Auburn fans shortly after feeding misinformation to the media in a well-timed smear campaign against Auburn’s Heisman front-runner, Cam Newton.

Oh, by the way, in case you didn’t notice, the #sarcasm tag is tautly attached to this post…

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Kentucky fan puts the “ass” in class

April 5, 2010


If you do not know the background of this story, I will sum it up quick/fast:  University of Kentucky freshman Daniel Orton recently dropped his name in the hat for the NBA draft.  Orton is one of five Kentucky players to be leaving early, basically gutting the depth and talent from this year’s Elite 8 squad.  It is arguable whether he is ready or not… UK fan, (here represented by Mark Hamilton) is distressed that UK will have to reload, again, in order to remain competitive so he decides that the best way to relieve himself of this burden is to “tweet” Mr. Orton and show him a good virtual fist shakin.’

Stuff like this scares the Bujeebus out of me.  Every fan base has its share of nutjob-psychopaths who go beyond pulling for their team.  They take the successes and failures personally.  In the past, these fruitcakes have had very little access to the coaches and players themselves and were usually resigned to creating stupid posters, wearing brown paper bags or writing letters to the editor of the local fishwrap.  Now, with the magic of social networking, boobs like Mark can interact directly with the KIDS (thats what most collegiate athletes are…children) impulsively and unfiltered.  This is a dangerous trend that I think will only get worse given the impulsive nature of the public at large.  We are seeing this already with stupid Facebook groups aimed at recruits.

Piece of advice to the grown-folk out there living vicariously through the collegiate athletes of your choose school…its not cool, cute nor helpful to involve yourself at this level.  You look like a tool.

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Pictures from Alabama’s BCS Trophy Display at Walmart

January 10, 2010


Thanks to Bustersports, Frumpzilla recently learned about Alabama’s intentions of displaying its BCS Title at the Tuscaloosa Walmart.  My first thought, of course, was “My god, how fantastic would it be to snap some pics of that PR nightmare!” 

Well, the magic of the camera phone, and the power of message boards (the message boards of jealous fanbases (Auburn, in this case)), has made my dream a reality.  This first one is just a tease.  Frump it here for several more…

Alabama displays the BCS trophy at the Tuscaloosa Walmart



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