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August 20, 2009


Everyone that knows me is well aware that, while not at all interested in fashion, I’m often, inexplicably, on the cutting edge of it; setting trends, providing inspiration to family, friends, various social circles (including rival ones) and thus, by proxy, the world of fashion in general.  It’s all quite bizarre to me, really, but I take it in stride. Certainly not a point of pride, by any means, but who am I to argue with fate?

Having been burdened with this cruel gift of unintended power and influence, just how relieved do you think I was to come across this beacon of ethereal, dernier cri genius? My god, to what do I owe this blessing?  This blessing of not being, just for once, the trailblazer, the standard-bearer for a vogue that is all but certain to sweep the world by storm.

How, in roughly 200,000 years of human ingenuity, acumen and innovation — aproximately 250 years of which included the donning of something likable to pants –, someone never thought to put cute little animal eyes, jowls and, yes, even clapperboards between the folds of skin beneath one’s ass cheeks and upper thigh is simply beyond my comprehension. Who says evolution is diminishing right in front of us?  Not I.  Not anymore.  Eat your heart out New York, Paris, Milan; here are Winkers (Patent Pending)…

UPDATE: Now even more Winkers after the Jump!


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