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Anti-Rape Condom Could Give Even The Likes of Big Ben Pause

April 26, 2010


The Big Ben CondomIn today’s story reminding us that some semblance of nightmares can often crossover into reality, South African inventor Sonnet Ehlers has brought the world “Rapex“; a ferocious, fiercely fanged, female condom-like device designed to devour unwanted penises intruding into the vaginal cavity.

See those teeth over there?  Yeah, they’re manufactured specifically to rip manhood to shreds — at least to the extent that a perpetrator will be requiring serious medical attention.

The medical attention is kind of the main point of it all, too, as a trip to the ER with that oh-so-common “Yeah, I accidentally slipped my junk into the salad shooter again” excuse is likely to raise some eyebrows.

There’s also, of course, the chance to escape that Rapex may provide victims when their assailant first realizes his offender has become dinner.  So that’s a positive.


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