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A Little Cuke in the Fiesta Bowl

January 5, 2010


Michael McDonald really cukes up just about everything he touces...

When I found out (from Ciaran) that I had missed the Cuke’s Fiesta Bowl rendition of the National Anthem, I was destroyed.  Devastated.  Cukes do not stay fresh forever, and these moments do not grow on trees (or in the ground).  Shockingly, I could not find video of the performance; I found something much, much bettah…

Frump for additional Cuke.


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I Gotta Have More Cowbell!!!!

January 4, 2010


Boise St. Cowbell

I’ve been watching the Fiesta Bowl tonight and while I’ve been entertained by a tight game(10-10 in the 4th as I type), it’s been the unintended humor that has got me watching! 

It all started at halftime when the Boise St. marching band took the field.  First thing I noticed, there is an apparent minimum weight requirement to be a dancer and it’s higher than it should be.  Then FOX decided to treat us to a closeup of the percussionists and that’s when it got good!  As you can see from that still above that the guy is possibly TOO into those cymbals while that poor poor girl could not be any more bored with that cowbell.  As you see in the video, she starts off indifferent and then really “Hams it up” with that smirk when she notices the camera is on her.  Oh man, unintentional comedy gold. 


As if that weren’t enough, check out after the frump for a quick video of a Horned Frog vomiting while running to the sideline and a screenshot of what must be an interesting Boise St. Major, Cummunication.

P.S. Come on TCU, I’m tired of Boise St. and their self righteous blue field!


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