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Drunk History: Volumes 2 and 2.5

January 22, 2009

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Yeah, yeah, I know these aren’t exactly fresh or new or anything (except to me, I guess, given that I’ve only just now come across them), but they do fit into my ongoing theme of being behind the times a bit, and unafraid to post items that may be yesterday’s news. 

Regardless, these are well worth a view if you haven’t been fortunate enough to see them, and I imagine a repeat viewing wouldn’t hurt either. If you happen to be even mildly amused by Jack Black, or Benjamin Franklin for that matter, and the concept of seeing history through the mind of someone that just pounded about 10 Vodka and Cranberries is at all intriguing to you, do yourself a favor and take a gander. There’s some foul language, so, if you’re at work or something, be sure to have the headphones on.  Make the jump for Volume 2.5, the sequel…



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