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Video: Cannonball into frozen pool not quite the ice breaker this “Ice Dude” was looking for…

October 17, 2012


Frump has featured a lot of Russian kids doing weird and wild stuff over the years. With that in mind, I guess it’s only fair that we show some German adults pulling sufficiently similar stunts.

I think that’s German anyway. Does anyone know what “Oooh, ahhhh. Ooooh, ein ass!” means in English? All I caught was a couple of F-Bombs and something about David Hasselhoff. Then again, I guess we don’t really need a translator to understand what’s going on here, do we? Lolsome.

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Dad Teaching Daughter to Skateboard Fail Brings the Funny, Warms the Heart

October 19, 2010


Other than a brief, adolescent ambition to become the next Tony Hawk, I’ve never been terribly taken by “Extreme Sports.” In fact, I find scenes like this to be exponentially more entertaining than anything I’ve experienced via the X Games over the past fifteen years, and the same can be said for the video that follows.

The build-up to this one is exceptional,  and well worth Dad’s eventual, epic fail. Dad’s awesome “Win” there at the end is nothing to scoff at either.

Believe it or else, though, I think my favorite part of this clip is the epic concern expressed by Dad’s family.  Really tugs at the ole heartstrings, yeah?

Right or wrong, I’m pretty sure a scene like this would have met with immediate derision – however lighthearted – in the household of my Powell-Peralta past.  That and maybe an epic argument over the sentimental attachment to that china cabinet…

If you enjoyed that, make the jump for several other “Dad trying to skateboard” fails. Great Wednesday/Hump Day time killer. We promise…


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