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Georgia Bulldogs Players Come to Aid of Bus Driving Damsel in Distress

December 16, 2010

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UGA player helps bus driver involved in accident

Washaun Ealey - Now available for rescues

In today’s story reminding us that college athletes often do more with their spare time than deal drugs, steal laptops, commit academic fraud, and entertain the salacious advances of agents, two University of Georgia players came to the aid of a marooned campus bus driver on Wednesday.

Running back Washaun Ealey and linebacker Mike Gilliard, both Sophomores, were on their way home from the dining hall when a bus driving ahead of them slid in the icy conditions, ran off the road, and hit a large tree.

Ealey stopped his car, and both players ran to the scene of the accident. After prying the bus’s door open, they checked to see if the driver was alright.

No passengers were aboard the bus, and the driver, while visibly shaken, was apparently fine despite a deployed air bag and tree branch having punctured the windshield. Both Ealey and Gilliard stayed with the driver until paramedics arrived.

UGA LB Mike Gilliard lends helping hand to Athens bus driver

Georgia LB, Mike Gilliard - "Just wanted to help her out, that's all"

Sophomore safety Baccari Rambo spoke with Dawgpost.com’s Fletcher Page about how his teammates’ chivalry has affected their egos:

Mike and Washaun think they’re superheros now, like they lifted the bus up or something or got a cat out of a tree. That was a good thing they did for the lady. That showed they care and they love everybody. That showed how they were raised up, because anybody could have kept going, but their parents raised them to help others out and not be selfish.

Gilliard himself, however, seems much more humble: “It wasn’t a big deal…just wanted to help her out, that’s all.”

Georgia coach Mark Richt added one of his typical, poetic strokes of wisdom to the story as well:

Those two guys did a very good deed. They stopped and helped out, and I’m proud of them. They assisted someone who was in distress, which is a good thing.

A damn good, refreshing thing indeed.

Sources: The Atlanta Journal Constitution and Dawgpost.com

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