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Herschel Walker’s MMA Fight Video

January 31, 2010


***UPDATE: Herschel Walker defeated Scott Carson on January 29th, 2011 to improve his MMA record to 2-0. If you’re looking for video/coverage of that fight, see this link. The following video and story is related to Walker’s first MMA fight from January 30th, 2010.***

Herschel Walker's MMA Weigh-InHerschel Walker doesn’t exactly look like he’s 47 years-old, does he?  In fact, at least relative to the commonly held belief that the younger you are the better you can look, I’d say his appearance is likable to my peak potential during my neo-natal days.

But you can’t judge a book by its cover, right? Herschel being my childhood hero/sports idol, I was kind of worried when I first heard about his new MMA aspirations. 

I was worried still after I saw the weigh-in photos, and despite the relatively unimposing look of the guy he’d be fighting.  Even the tattoo of stylized poultry that graced Walker’s opponent did nothing to alleviate my concerns.

Still, I love the guy, so I had no choice but to cautiously tune in last night, prepared for the worst…


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